It’s Official! Apex Watson to play World Cafe Live @ The Queen on 5/14!

Apex plays World Cafe Live @ The Queen Saturday May 14th, 2011


It’s official! Apex Watson will be playing World Cafe Live @ The Queen on Saturday May 14th!!

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased through the Queen website.

I’ve been to several Light Up The Queen events and I always hoped Apex Watson would be given an opportunity to show what it can do at this great venue.  Now that our date is confirmed on their website  and we’re in the ticketing system I’m fairly confident this is legit! Now that we’ve got the shot you’ve got to help us give a great first impression so we will have many more opportunities to come back and make it a regular thing.  If Apex has ever meant anything to you and you’ve ever wanted to help pitch in the greatest thing you could do for us right now is buy some tickets for you and your friends….and spread the word!

Some bands, like The Bridge out of Baltimore, MD. have been able to propel themselves onto the national stage by having a great home town venue to hone their craft, play with legends, and get the right kind of exposure to make dreams happen.  The Bridge did it at the 8×10 / Funk Box.  Apex is hoping the Queen will provide the same kind of spring board. Fingers crossed, but ultimately it’s up to our fans to make it happen.  We need your dollars, your support, your Love, and your dance your ass off energy to make this happen!!


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As Ben E. King and Dr. Chang from LOST always say, Namaste!

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Matt Mah is a founding member of Apex Watson and the president/owner of Mahgical Media, LLC.. In addition to devoting his heart and soul to Apex Watson, Matt has also received All-State soccer honors, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and has won a Philadelphia Addy Award for his professional software engineering work. Today he enjoys practicing his software development and career advancement at a world class computer networking firm started right in his backyard between Newark, DE and Wilmington, DE:


  1. Matt Mah says:

    It’s a little under two months away so we have time to make this the best Apex Watson gig in years! We will be putting our all into this so come back to frequently and check out what we’re planning!

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